Mole Removal

With the high elevation in Utah you that much closer to the sun and its harmful rays, raising your risk for skin cancer. Whether you want to remove a mole for cosmetic reasons, or are concerned about the potential of skin cancer, TrueSkin Dermatology in Sandy, Utah is able to perform biopsies and remove potentially harmful moles safely and effectively. If you live in Draper, Riverton, Bluffdale, South Jordan, or any of the other surrounds areas give us a call! If you have any concerns about a mole or questions about mole removal and would like to have a skin examination, we welcome you to call our offices at 801-255-SKIN (7546).

Treatment for Moles

Surgical excision is a very commonly used method for removing a mole. This method involves cutting out the entire mole and stitching the skin closed.

Biopsy is another method commonly used to shave away the mole. It should be noted that one should never shave off a mole at home. Should skin cancer exist, much of the cancer can remain and possibly spread; at home shaving can also lead to disfigurement and possible infection.

Mole Removal in Utah

For a skin examination, biopsy, or mole removal, contact our Utah offices today. Our surgical center is located in the TrueSkin suite for your convenience and Dr. Harrison is currently accepting appointments and new patients.

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