Cyst Removal

While we may not talk about them over dinner, cysts are actually quite common. They can develop on just about any part of the body. The good news is that cysts are mostly benign and cyst removal is usually a simple out-patient procedure for a dermatologist.

What Is a Cyst?

Cysts are sac-like structures that contain pus, fluid, or gaseous material. A cyst will normally appear as a painless lump. They can feel hard or soft. Generally speaking, there is nothing that you can do to prevent cysts.

What Causes Cysts?

There are many types of cysts with a huge variety of causes. This wide range of causes includes, but is not limited to:

  • Cell defects
  • Chronic inflammatory conditions
  • Duct blockages
  • Genetics
  • Infections
  • Injury
  • Parasites
  • Tumors

How Are Cysts Removed?

It’s tempting to try to remove the cyst yourself. Don’t. You will cause yourself a great deal of pain and the cyst will come back if the cyst isn’t completely removed from the skin. There’s only one way to properly remove a cyst, and while the cyst removal procedure is relatively simple and painless, it should only be performed by a dermatologist.

Your doctor will begin by numbing the area around the cyst. He or she will then remove the pocket of skin cells. After the cyst is removed, your doctor will stitch the inside of the wound as well as the outside to ensure that it heals properly. It will take about two months for the skin to heal from the inside out.

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